Password recover - BIG ERROR -


Sep 25, 2008
hello. I have to domain, for exemple X and Y. I buy this 2 domains from
Anyway, now 1 year, I renounce to my domain X, and I keep only my second domain, Y.
Now is the big problem. I lost my password. I enter and I fill in my registered email address. The new password was sent to me, EXCEPT that i receive the user from the first domain,X, which is expired and I not use it anymore. So I should receive the user and password from my second domain, Y. I believe that is because I had the same email address for the both domain (of course, it was the same account on, with 2 domains).
Anyway, that is a big problem to me. I write 2-3 email to Host Care, and no answer yet.
What can I do?


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Jul 12, 2005
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Do you need cpanel password or you need cpanel forum password ?

if you have forgotten password for cpanel, you need to contact your hosting provider.

if you have forgotten you domain management panel password, you need to contact the company you purchased the domain from.

cPanel Inc won't help you in getting a password for your hosting account which you purchased from any webhosting provider.