Pdf load the whole file to show it to the viewer


Jan 19, 2021
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Why would a pdf viewer load the whole file before it open it ? and when I moved the website to another server it loaded faster, is this related to the server settings? any idea?

I’m using wordpress, and I’ve changed the themes and plugins.

PS: I have also a lot of web optimized files uploaded and still facing the same issue. The thing that it works very well in the second server. Just the first server the pdf files take so much time to load the whole file first.
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Oct 19, 2014
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Hey there! Although I've removed the original links from your post, I checked both of them on my end and they loaded the same - the first page loads properly and I can see the start of the PDF and then it loads more while I scroll down through the document. I didn't see a difference in behavior on my end between the two sites.

Could you try clearing your cache or testing from a different network to see if you continue to experience that issue? There wouldn't be any cPanel-side settings for this, but this would be up to the site and how that functions with the PDF file.