PDO extension checked in cpanel, phpinfo only shows it for sqlite

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Jan 17, 2017
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I'm trying to install a website script, and one of its requirements is PDO. In cpanel, under "PHP Extensions", after selecting the required php version (7.3) that the script needs, in php extensions I have the checkbox checked next to "PDO", but the installation of the script fails with a note that it requires PDO. I checked a phpinfo file on the domain where I'm trying to install the script, and on the phpinfo page, under "PDO", for "PDO drivers", it only notes "sqlite". It doesn't mention mysql or mariaDB in there.

I recently upgraded the server to from mysql to MariaDB 10.3, and I don't know if that has caused this problem or this problem existed before that. I tested a phpinfo file on my test Wamp server, and it does note "mysql" under PDO. So I at least know it should say mysql, and if my live server is on MariaDB, I'm assuming it should possibly say that.

It's not saying either, despite the checkbox being checked in cpanel. The website script, during install recognizes that PDO isn't installed, as it fails the check during an install step.

How can I get PDO to install for mysql/mariadb? Does some type of "recompile" need to happen now that I switched to MariaDB or something in the php.ini file need changed?


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Jun 9, 2020
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I assume you use PHP Selector with CloudLinux so in that case in WHM go to CloudLinux Manager then to Selector and there after choosing the PHP version you can see the enabled PHP extensions. Tick PDO and save it then don't forget to restart Apache just to be sure and you should be good to go.