Apr 23, 2012
cPanel Access Level
Root Administrator

So after a LONG time i update to latest version of cPanel, unfortunately breaks some old things that i have wich force me to make a CLEAN installation.

All makes good, installed 56 and 71 to test on a clean Centos 7 x64 machine, BUT after trying to install some features that my sites use like (PhalconPHP and Memcache) i see this errors:

for Phalcon was: php-config is not found (Solved using: scl enable ea-php56 bash, not try yet on 71..)
for Memcache: on the use of the command PECL or PEAR i have a result: Segmentation fault

Any ideas how can i fix this? or if this methor will not longer be available.

Thank you very much.