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Jun 23, 2014
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My hosting company, A2, recently moved my account to a server where I could enjoy the full capacity of the disk space I'd been paying for since May 2016(!). Following the relocation of my account, cPanel began reporting errors in the server name. Here's an email with that error.

The main IP address of your cPanel & WHM server is “”. The hostname does not resolve to this IP address. This misconfiguration can cause some services on your server to fail to restart properly. The cause of your misconfiguration is:

WHM has detected a manual hostname change.

The system will attempt to synchronize the current hostname “server” to the system configuration. In the future, update your hostname in WHM’s (server:2087/scripts2/changehostname) interface (Home » Networking Setup » Change Hostname).

Hosting support swears there is no problem. I cannot login to WHM using Firefox or Chrome anymore.

So ... I did as suggested and altered the Hostname via the script. Now my cPanel SSL seems to have been revoked. The output from a test run on can be found on this link.

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I forgot to ask my question.

How do I fix this so all is well in my VPS world again?
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