Performance monitoring: when to add more RAM or vCPU?


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Mar 25, 2002
I'm interested in how others decide when to add more RAM or vCPU to a cPanel server?

More specifically, I'd like to identify an easy, simple, non-geeky monitoring and reporting service that can be viewed by business people (as opposed to technically people) to help them assess whether or not it's time to add more RAM and/or vCPU. Preferably one that is optimised to understand how cPanel/WHM servers perform.

In our company we "generally keep an eye on things", and on an adhoc basis we might do a review of all our servers to see if they might need more RAM or vCPU. But what I'm imagining is more of a user-friendly server performance monitoring dashboard that can be configured to automatically notify us if/when we should consider adding more RAM or vCPU if certain thresholds are triggered.

(Naturally any discussion around whether or not to add more resources has to be balanced with a review of what's actually causing the server to be under strain, i.e. whether to correct an issue that's causing excessive strain on the server, or whether it's better to throw more resources at the server).

I've googled around a bit:

performance monitoring for cpanel servers? - Google Search

But I'm not seeing any strong results for cPanel server performance software.





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Apr 11, 2011

If you don't receive additional user-feedback to this topic, you may want to reach out to a developer or system administrator to have a custom script developed to provide resource usage data in an easy to read format. You can find a list of system administration services at:

System Administration Services | cPanel Forums

Thank you.