Jul 10, 2012
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Hi all, sorry if posted in wrong section, not sure where this should go...

Try as I may I cannot get any per scripts to run on my server. I have tried them with various permissions, inside and outside the cgi-bin folder but each time I get a 501 Internal Server Error message.

Please see the following urls as an example - Removed - and - Removed - and - Removed -

my error logs pulled from ...apache/logs/ are thus

[2012-07-10 17:45:34]: uid: (501/nuclear) gid: (501/nuclear) cmd:
[2012-07-10 17:45:53]: uid: (501/nuclear) gid: (501/nuclear) cmd:
[2012-07-10 17:46:09]: uid: (501/nuclear) gid: (501/nuclear) cmd:
[2012-07-10 17:46:09]: file has no execute permission: (/home/nuclear/public_html/
[2012-07-10 17:46:27]: uid: (501/nuclear) gid: (501/nuclear) cmd:
[2012-07-10 17:46:27]: file has no execute permission: (/home/nuclear/public_html/
[2012-07-10 17:46:55]: uid: (501/nuclear) gid: (501/nuclear) cmd:
[2012-07-10 17:47:18]: uid: (501/nuclear) gid: (501/nuclear) cmd:
[2012-07-10 17:48:01]: uid: (501/nuclear) gid: (501/nuclear) cmd:
[2012-07-10 17:48:01]: file has no execute permission: (/home/nuclear/public_html/
[2012-07-10 17:48:02]: uid: (501/nuclear) gid: (501/nuclear) cmd:
[2012-07-10 17:48:35]: uid: (501/nuclear) gid: (501/nuclear) cmd:
[2012-07-10 17:48:35]: file has no execute permission: (/home/nuclear/public_html/
[2012-07-10 17:50:18]: uid: (501/nuclear) gid: (501/nuclear) cmd:
[2012-07-10 18:01:13]: uid: (501/nuclear) gid: (501/nuclear) cmd: whmredirect.cgi
[2012-07-10 18:01:47]: uid: (501/nuclear) gid: (501/nuclear) cmd:
[2012-07-10 18:02:14]: uid: (501/nuclear) gid: (501/nuclear) cmd:
I fixed the permissions problem, had a file set as 644 instead of 755 but it hasn't made any difference.

I have played about in whm with Configure PHP and SuExec and every combination I try continues to yield no success. My current config is:

php.conf updated to:

# This file was automatically generated by the Cpanel PHP Configuration system
# If you wish to change the way PHP is being handled by Apache on your system,
# use the /usr/local/cpanel/bin/rebuild_phpconf script or the WHM interface.
# Manual edits of this file will be lost when Apache is updated.

# CGI configuration for PHP5
Action application/x-httpd-php5 /cgi-sys/php5
AddType application/x-httpd-php5 .php5 .php4 .php .php3 .php2 .phtml

# End of autogenerated PHP configuration.

Updating user configurable PHP settings.
[info] recursion depth is set to: 2
Restarting Apache

If anyone could offer an opinion on this I would be most grateful. I have been searching the forum and the web for days but still not solution. My server is a dedicated server and cpanel is not a supported panel so they cannot help.

Many thanks

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Oct 2, 2010
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Please stat the file and let us see the output:

It definitely needs to be 755 file permissions (or chmod +x after you've created it). I don't know that user's specific UID and GID, so stating will give us all that information.