Curious Too

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Aug 31, 2001
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I get as far as the following message when updating Perl to 5.6.1:

I found left-over files from a previous version of Getopt::Long.
These should be removed.
I can add instructions to the Makefile to remove them when you
install this version.
Shall I add the remove instructions?

After I answer &y& or &yes& the program hangs and never complets the install. Is there any way around this?


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Oct 16, 2001
Curious Too,
How long did you wait after you entered &y& ? When I ran the script it looked like it hung after I entered &y& at the same point but if you let it sit long enough it will go to the next step. It took close to 5 mins to go to the next step for me.

Though I ran into an additional problem later in the script and I have it outlined in post [b:bf81fd37bb] [/b:bf81fd37bb] and I still can not seem to get anyone to respond. I also sent in a email to support with no response.

It looks like perl 5.6.1 installed on my box even though the script got hung in a loop but I am not sure what I missed by having to break out of the script.