perl587installer.tar.gz completed trashed my perl installation


Jul 25, 2005
And this is not the first time, it screwed up my Perl installation on another server as well. In that case i just reinstalled Perl 5.8.4 and left it at that, without being able to successfully upgrade Perl to 5.8.7.

But i just purchased a new RHEL 3 Ent. Server. It came with the standard 5.8.0 installed. :confused: A bit old wouldn't you think? I downloaded this perl installater to upgrade. During the upgrade there were errors all thoughout, neither of which i could capture due to the speed of the update.

Now my version of Perl seems to be all screwed up. In the X them Perl Version shows;

PERL version perlversion instead of PERL version 5.8.7

When i click on Perl modules it returns a blank page. :mad:

I need to be able to reinstall Perl from scratch but so far have not been able to do it. If the 581 or 580 perl installation was still available at layer1 i would trying downgrading but its not, cpanel has removed it.

If i move /usr/lib/perl5 to perl5_old and try to recompile i get perl module erorrs like is missing. I just want it to recreate /usr/lib/per5 with the 5.8.7 libs there.
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Jun 15, 2002
Go on, have a guess
You'll need to check through every line of the log that is produced when you run the cPanel perl installer for errors. I've never ever had a problem with it.