Permit only specific email addresses can send to mailing list?


Apr 4, 2012
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I am an administrator, and trying to figure out where in the mailing list options I can limit who can send to the mailing list I've created.

So far, I have a mailing list with many email addresses manually subscribed. But anyone can send to this mailing list and everyone on it will have that message forwarded. That is no good.

I would like to permit only specific email addresses to be able send emails to the mailing list. If mail arrives from anybody else, it is not forwarded. I do not want to restrict who receives emails.

From what I can see, I can in options enable any email sent to mailing list to require administrator confirmation before mail is forwarded. I do not want this.

Rather, I'd like to restrict senders whom mailing list forwards to several addresses (call them A and B) so that every other person can only receive from mailing list, but if A or B send to mailing list, their message is forwarded automatically, without requiring separate permission from administrator.

Where specifically in the options can I specify individual addresses which are permitted send to mailing list?