personalized bulk emailing taking more time to execute


Sep 5, 2011
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We send out 30k mails everyday which has a customized newsletter showing content related to the user's profile on our site (we were earlier using Exim to send mails, now have shifted to

Here's a description of our problem:
We run a php script in cron, which picks the data from the MySql database, mixes with the html code and sends the email (via Exim or third party client). It takes about 3-5 hours for the cron from start to end. We are guessing that this keeps running as its still compiling data for each email to be sent to exim or the other client.

A few days back, we also changed the process and we are now downloading data to an excel file and then sending out mails. However, it takes the same time (3-4 hours) for the excel file the be generated after which we are able to send out emails.

We would like to understand and get your help in knowing the best practices to make our process of generating the data faster to send out emails.

What do other bulk emailers do? How do they manage sending customized emails at a faster rate, if they had to send out customized mailers?

Any expert's advice on this could be of great help.


Ravi Mittal