PGP Desktop Versus cPanel - Any Clues Appreciated


Aug 28, 2005

My ISP recently disabled relaying, which prompted me to redirect outgoing email to my own leased dedicated Linux server. I made the following change:

outgoing SMTP server:

from to

Think the failure might be something to do with the signing certificate not matching the domain... the certificate currently mentions instead of the real domain... I have no idea where this is coming from...

I made no other change but now my connection to the smtp server is failing...

Anyone know if the problem is with my server or PGP Desktop?

Would really appreciate any help here... I attach the messaging PGP log below... thanks in advance (PS I'm a bit of a newbie)

12:01:41 Warning Server presented a TLS certificate for a domain name which does not match (
12:01:41 Warning Server presented a TLS certificate that was issued by an unknown Certificate Authority
12:01:41 Warning Issuer:,, OU=Unknown, O=Unknown, L=Unknown, ST=Unknown, C=US
12:03:31 Error Cannot connect server socket to