Jun 24, 2005
At my server management company, we have been monitoring
the development of both of the following new PHP releases over the
past several months all the way up to and including the official releases
made a week ago and yesterday respectively for both of these versions:

PHP Version 5.2.10
PHP Version 5.3.0

At the time of this message, we DO NOT recommend upgrading to PHP version 5.3.0 because of
a number of backwards compatibility issues with previous PHP releases and complications we have
consistently observed with PHP 5.3.0's use in cPanel based servers.

However ...

We have found no significant problems with PHP Version 5.2.10 and
we recommend all servers be upgraded to this version immediately either
through manual upgrade immediately or via EasyApache as soon as it is available.

At all levels, PHP version 5.2.10 appears to be a drop in seamless replacement
for PHP version 5.2.8 and PHP 5.2.9 and works very well without any
notable issues or problems observed in any servers or configurations we tested.