PHP 5.x.x: Can WHM Compile with mysql and mysqli APIs Automatically?


Dec 29, 2003
Can WHM compile PHP 5.x.x (an version, the newer the better) with both the mysql and mysqli APIs from teh Apache Install Control Panel automatically--or does that still require a manual compile of PHP?

I have been compiling PHP 5 with oth manyally on my cPanel/WHM enabled server and I am tiring of the hassle of doing it manually each time and not knowing where or if I will run into errors.



Jun 24, 2005
You could use cron jobs and scripts to upgrade PHP automatically but I don't recommend it ...

If a new version is released and changes something that isn't compatible with your current
options, the upgrade could fail and leave your system in a non-usable state until you
come around and fix it.

You are lucky to see a new PHP release once every couple of months usually so it really
should not be much of any issue to just update manually as new releases become available.

Set yourself up a compile script ....

wget (whatever url to php source)
tar zxvf (archive)
cd (php source)
./configure (whatever options you want)
make test
make install

You can run your compile script you create in a single command when updates are
available and just sit back and watch to make sure nothing goes wrong.

That's about as easy as it gets! ;)