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Jan 20, 2006
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Do you have any work under release of PHP 8.2 ?
cPanel, as leading hosting panel should have it when it will be stable.
BTW. main competitor offers already 8.2 in RC5 versions.

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Oct 19, 2014
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PHP 8.2 hasn't been officially released yet:

The release date from PHP itself is November 24. Although we are working on things on our end, I don't have an official timetable just yet.


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May 28, 2022
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I'm aware that Remi (who provides a lot of "unofficial PHP packages) has PHP 8.2 as a SCL (Software Collection Library) which are used by EasyApache4 . However, this will be totally unsupported by cPanel Inc, may not work, may not be safe (Remi could "go rogue" or his repo could be hacked etc etc), some modules/extensions may not be available etc - so "on your own head be it".

If you do want to install PHP8.2 from Remi, then according to the configuration wizard for Centos 7:
and to install additional packages:
yum  install php82-php-xxx
I've not tried it myself so I can't say how well it integrates with EasyApache, but it is hinted via the documentation "What should I do if I need an Apache module, PHP module, or PHP versions that is not available in EasyApache 4?" and "How do I install a vendor-provided version of PHP?" it should work (although do read that "Potential issues" section). Just remember, trying "unreleased software" from an unsupported third party is at your own risk and neither myself, other forum members nor cPanel Inc or their staff can take any responsibility for anything that happens.