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Oct 31, 2001
I am attempting to use source guardian on some scripts inside of the users control panel.

Source guardian can run two ways:

1) you can put the ixed files inside of the extension_dir
2) you can put the files inside an ixed directory in the folder where the script is running.

However, when running in the control panel (2082) the second method does not work.

So, I checked the php.ini file. When using the control panel, cpanel uses its own ini file:

The extension_dir is set as follows:

extension_dir = ./ ;

However, I can't find that folder, I figured it would just look in the same folder where I am running the script, but no dice.

I then hardcoded it to see if it would work, bada bing... it did. I changed extenion_dir to a hardoded fodler and dumped the extensions in it.

Then, I thought, ok, let me run /scripts/upcp Well, there happened to by a update available and it blew away the mod I did to that php INI file.

So, I made my changes again and chattr'd +i the file, but I really don't want to leave it like that. I suspect if cpanel is re-syncing that file they are making changes that I need.

So, with that said. Does anybody know the correct folder to put my extensions in?

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