php-fpm issue: Webmail or Wordpress Toolkit to choose ...


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Jan 20, 2006
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When You install WordPress Toolkit, there is a must to enable in system php-fpm for cPanel services.

But enabling php-fpm for cPanel services breaks comfortable using of webmail and phpmyadmin - it runs very, very slow and there is many connection lost.
Becouse in default php-fpm for cpanel services there is only "hardcoded" in default configuration 25 children.
And in logs appeares: server reached max_children setting (25)

In high used server it is much, much, much too few ...

There is an article about this:

In this article there is sugestion to disable php-fpm for cpanel services.

But disabling php-fpm for cpanel services - disables also WordPress Toolkit.

Infinite loop.

There is possibility (in article) to rise amount of fpm childen, bu it is temporary: "this change will not be permanent. System reboots will undo any changes to these files."

Temporary is ok, then you have one server, but remember to correct all this settings after being rewrited to default is horrible.

Is it just bad/senseless designed software ?

How to use WordPress Toolkit and Webmail at once ?