Apr 27, 2015
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I'm very newbie about that configuration. My clients will run most PHP application write in Laravel 5, Wordpress and others populars CMS wich include upload and update features.

I'm searching for performance and security.

What PHP Handler is recommended? And what PHP Modules or Apache Modules are recommended in EasyApache build?

I read about FastCGI, but that option will require configuration tips, because I don't known about that. And I read about a combo with DSO+Mod_ruid2+XCache, DSO is not secure right?

Here is some of my questions:

1 - suPHP, FastCGI or DSO+mod_ruid2+xcache?
2 - xCache, how can I configure that feature? There is some guide?
3 - FastCGI, can someone leave a link about the configuration in CPanel?

Thanks for the atention.


I decide to try the FastCGI, I have a 2GB of RAM on Ramnode, and must be ok for some clients. I follow this guide to configure:

But now, how can I known that my webserver is working fine with FastCGI+OPcache?
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Apr 11, 2011


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Jan 18, 2013
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Basically xCache is a php opcode cache like Eaccelerator,APC,ZendOpCache etc .I would suggest that you use ZendOpcache instead of xCache .

As far as FastCGI/SuPHP/dso+ruid2 is concerned - these are technologies that interface the webserver with the PHP app . If security is not a major concern dso+ruid2 would give you max performance . mod_fcgi* is pretty old technology as since we now have PHP-FPM ..the recommended way is break free apache from process forking workload and use mod_proxy_fcgi to proxy to an external fastcgi app .

SuPHP is basically security enhancements over CGI and does not support any opcode cache including xcache .

LiteSpeed is a commercial webserver that will provide you security and speed using their proprietary LSPHP server API .

You may also want to try the free plugin I developed for use of cPanel with PHP-FPM

Note that since I am the plugin dev views may be partial on this.

Good Luck
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