php.ini and mail.log file size limit


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Feb 15, 2014
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Hi, in order to track scripts that are sending emails through php mail() function, i've read about mail.log directive in php.ini that accepts either a user's home dir file or a path to a server, for example /var/log/php_mail.log

I'm using suphp so in order to write to a /var/log/php_mail.log i have to set 777 permissions to the file, if i want to have all my users logs to one file. It isn't a good idea for me to use a 777 file.

The other solution is to use a file like the error_log, inside the users home dir but the problem is that i didnt find any documentation about limiting the file size, so after a while the user's home dir will be over quota.

Is there a way to limit the file size through php.ini?
Or any other way to monitor mail() in a file containing all users, but not chmod to 777?

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