php option: Ruid2 + dso OR suPHP OR ruid2 + FastCGI


Jan 29, 2015
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So... I've been reading on this a lot.. and I think I get it.
The issue I was having where server crashing was due to Ruid2 not working well with suPHP. After adding Ruid2 which I read was recommended for many security features.... I noticed only way to make suPHP work is to turn off Ruid2.

And then I figured out that Ruid2 + DSO is a good replacement for suPHP. I didn't really noticed speed difference in that setting but did notice my ram usage spiked up. With suPHP, it was using only 1G out of 2G but after Ruid2 + DSO, it went up to 1.75G. Or maybe that's because I just installed CSF? (please let me know?)

The other thing is for some reason I cannot find FastCGI which is supposed to be another good option, right?

So... my question here is what's the best way for me to go? I want security above all with minimum modification since I'm still learning whole server management. I also do worry about resource a bit since I only have 2G and with suPHP, it seems like it was using far less ram?

Option 1: Disable Ruid2 and go back to suPHP

Option 2: Ruid2 + DSO

Option 3: Ruid2 + FastCGI <- for this, can you please share link or manual on how to add FastCGI?

Thanks guys!!!