PHP send mail sometimes not sending emails


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Jul 3, 2008
London, UK
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A customer has an enquiry form which has been working for months. There are 4 lines

1 to me
2 to the website owner at 2 different email addresses.
1 to the customer filling in the form

In the mail delivery logs the 2 to the website owner do not appear and I can't see any reference in the exim_maillog

Testing the form now works fine, but on the 10th it didn't. One of the website owner emails is hosted locally by us, the other is googlemail.

Why would on some occasions the email not be sent. I did see a line for rate limit in the exim_maillog but it was referring to another mail send all together as far as I can see.

It can't be a script problem as it works fine now. Just occasionally the 2 middle emails go missing and no records of ever being sent appears in the mail log.

Any ideas?