php v4.3.3 gives parse error on unset command


Jan 3, 2004
Hi Transferring from an older server to a newer server with cpanel 8.8 , redhat 9, (but same php) - os commerce and phpnuke now fail with a virgin install giving a parse error on ANY use of the unset command in PHP.

The settings in pghp.ini are all the same. Some google searches say its a bug in that version of php and an update to 4.3.4 might fix it. I thought 4.3.3 was the stable version but if I can update php to 4.3.4 how do I go about fdoing this?

Thanks for your help

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Feb 29, 2004
Hi Lagi,

Regarding Upgradation of Php version 4.3.3 to Php Version 4.3.4
Check all the php configuration parameters, and all the parameters should be used in ./configure.

Please do the following steps
1. Download the source from
2. Untar it. tar -xvf <filename>
3. Move into the directory (cd).
4. ./configure
5. make
6. make install




Jan 3, 2004
Unset error with php 4.33

Hi All,

Thanks for the posts. But I only ever post a question when I have gone through everything I can.

Just to update you. I did use the update Apache. Another person used the easyApache via Telnet ... and guess what PHP was still at version 4.33 - and Tar stopped working.

The silly think is the old server has version 4.3.3 with the same setings in config.ini. What the old server has though is redhat 7.5 (instead of 9) and an older version of cpanel - thats the only diference.

I now have a server where Os commerce, phpnuke and Mamboserver will not work. I have searched everywhere on the net and nobody seems to have the same problem - my unser problem fails 100% with any variables - other posts are specific. I'm not even sure if it can be PHP if the old server is working as is. Could it be Redhat/Apache

The old server is Linux Kernel 2.4.20-grsec
cPanel Version 8.8.0-STABLE
cPanel Build 74
Redhat 7.3 2.96-133

The new server is Kernel 2.4.20-30.9 (sameish)
1.3.29 (Unix) (same)
Cpanel 8.8.0-STABLE 74 (same)

Both PHPs are 4.3.3

Im no Shelock homes but even though it doesnt make sense I think I might blame Redhat.

Any thoughts?

Regards Lagi