php v7.2.* safely remove from cpanel/WHM?


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Jun 5, 2016
new york
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Hello, I am receiving security alerts from csf telling me that php v7.2.* is installed on the server and it should be disabled/deleted.

What is the preferred method to lock down or remove this version? All of my domains under "User Domain Settings" in WHM are using v7.3 but I know that 7.2 exists and csf reports:

Any version of PHP older than v7.2.* is now obsolete and should be considered a security threat. You should upgrade exclusively to PHP v7.3+:
Affected PHP versions:
7.2.34 (/opt/cpanel/ea-php72/root/usr/bin/php)
Domains aside, would removing it or deleteing it affect other systems that may be using it but which I am unaware?