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Mar 30, 2004

I have strange problem with php version. More or less everything work just fine but I do have some problems with cron jobs since recompile apache to use php4 and php5. Here is the thing: I have recompile apache with EA3 to use both php4 and php5. I set it up to be php4 default php version. As I said more or less everything work fine just that now and then I get complaint from customers using cron job that use to work are not working any more. The strange thing is that if I check php version of domain wich uses php4 with phpinfo.php file it is OK and shows php 4.4.7 eaven in user cpanel shows same version. But if I check php version through ssh as root I get php 5.2.5 eaven that I have set php version for system default to be php4 and not php5. It looks like cron job is using php5 version for users scripts set in cron job eaven they have set php version to php4 and eaven that system php should be php4 version.
Is there anyone with the same problem or can anyone help me how to set php version server wide to php4 not php5 as it shows now through ssh.

Regards, Erik