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PHP XML API - output in error log but not on screen!

Discussion in 'cPanel Developers' started by benwiggy, May 27, 2011.

  1. benwiggy

    benwiggy Member

    Jul 3, 2010
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    Hi guys, bit of a noob but with some difficultly I've managed to get to the following stage. The code receives the data but doesn't output it on screen - just to the error log - any help much appreciated.


    $ip $_SERVER['SERVER_ADDR'];

    $user "[obscured]";
    $password "[obscured]";

    $xmlapi = new xmlapi($ip);
    Page is blank but I get this output in the error log:

    [27-May-2011 11:14:00] URL: http://[obscured]:2082/xml-api/cpanel
    [27-May-2011 11:14:00] DATA: cpanel_xmlapi_user=[obscured]&cpanel_xmlapi_module=Email&cpanel_xmlapi_func=listpopswithdisk&cpanel_xmlapi_apiversion=2
    [27-May-2011 11:14:00] Authentication Header: Authorization: Basic [obscured]==
    [27-May-2011 11:14:00] RESPONSE:
     <?xml version="1.0" ?>
          <humandiskquota>250 MB</humandiskquota>
          <humandiskused>11.88 MB</humandiskused>
          <humandiskquota>50 MB</humandiskquota>
    [27-May-2011 11:14:00] SimpleXML var_dump:
    SimpleXMLElement Object
        [apiversion] => 2
        [data] => Array
                [0] => SimpleXMLElement Object
                        [_diskquota] => 262144000
                        [_diskused] => 12456556
                        [diskquota] => 250
                        [diskused] => 11.88
                        [diskusedpercent] => 4
                        [diskusedpercent20] => 0
                        [domain] => [obscured].com
                        [email] => admin@[obscured].com
                        [humandiskquota] => 250 MB
                        [humandiskused] => 11.88 MB
                        [login] => admin@[obscured].com
                        [mtime] => 1306509011
                        [txtdiskquota] => 250
                        [user] => admin
                [1] => SimpleXMLElement Object
                        [_diskquota] => 52428800
                        [_diskused] => 0
                        [diskquota] => 50
                        [diskused] => 0
                        [diskusedpercent] => 0
                        [diskusedpercent20] => 0
                        [domain] => [obscured].com
                        [email] => recruiting@[obscured].com
                        [humandiskquota] => 50 MB
                        [humandiskused] => None
                        [login] => recruiting@[obscured].com
                        [mtime] => 1306509011
                        [txtdiskquota] => 50
                        [user] => recruiting
        [event] => SimpleXMLElement Object
                [result] => 1
        [func] => listpopswithdisk
        [module] => Email
  2. cPanelDavidN

    cPanelDavidN Integration Developer

    Dec 17, 2009
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    Houston, TX
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    Root Administrator
    Hi benwiggy,

    I suspect that nothing is being render to screen (buffer/html page that is served) is because performing a 'print' as follows is technically an error:
    print $xmlapi->api2_query($user"Email""listpopswithdisk");  //likely will be an error
    By default, the PHP XML-API client class will return a SimpleXML object (which we know is getting created since it's in you debug output). But if we try to 'echo' or 'print' a non-scalar variable (ie, array, object, boolean, or resource) then we won't get it's stored value, but instead unexpected output (IIRC, 'echo' will print the variable type name; not sure about print).

    Anyway, you have several options.
    1) instead of 'print', you could assign it to a variable and iterate over the SimpleXML object, possibly with value tests, etc --this would be the most involved especially if you were not sure of the output structure or if you used a generic "render" function for all query methods, but this is what I see most people do.

    2) instead of 'print', you could assign it to a variable and use 'var_dump()' on the should render identically to the SimpleXML structure in the debug output. -- really, this is just good for verifying the query method returned usable data without you having to look as the error_log or change the error_log/display_errors settings in you script.

    3) use $xmlapi->set_output($my_output_type) where $my_output_type is either 'json', 'array', or 'xml'. This cause the output of the query methods to be modified as follows. 'json' will return a JSON string that you must parse yourself (likely with 'json_decode()', if you are PHP >= 5.2). 'array' will, obviously, return an associative array (with deeply nested, possibly ordinal or associative array, data). And 'xml' gives the SimpleXML object (the default).

    Give that a go, I think that should solve the blank page thing.

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  3. benwiggy

    benwiggy Member

    Jul 3, 2010
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    Hi David,

    I'm hugely grateful for the reply - you're absolutely right and thank you for the detailed set of options.

    (2) helped me with debugging and (3) was just the ticket as far as interpreting the output is concerned.

    I found the print_r function very helpful when interpreting the data (returned as an array - using the set_output feature)

    Thank you very much again - I'm now on track.

    #3 benwiggy, May 28, 2011
    Last edited: May 28, 2011

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