phpMyAdmin Editing of Large Fields FAILS [moved]


Mar 1, 2006
phpMyAdmin Editing of Large Fields FAILS

Whenever I try to edit a LARGE field in any database the url line at the bottom of my screen
starts blinking like CRAZY!

The screen appears to be refreshing at a FRANTIC rate!
Nothing changes on the screen for about 15 seconds...

Then the "The page cannot be displayed" error screen pops up!

Small fields it allows me to edit FINE! LArger ones FAIL EVERYTIME!

I can press STOP on the browser IF I TIME IT RIGHT, just before "THE
PAGE CANNOT BE DISPLAYED is DUE to come up and edit SOME of the fields,
UP to the point I hit the browsers STOP button, but not all the db fields are there to edit now!
The rest of the entries in that db field do not show up depending on WHEN I stopped the browser!

This has been going on since I leased this machine....

I added port 3306 to the firewall to tell it to NOT MESS WITH THAT PORT as
I saw in these forums that may be a CURE for this long ago! NO GOOD!

This is very annoying.

ANYBODY had this problem and know a FIX FOR IT! PLEASEEEEEEE!!


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Jul 23, 2005
I have the same problem.

No updates now.

I think that there is bug reports on bugzilla, but most of us know that cPanel team is very slow for the updates like this.

So we are waiting...


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Nov 1, 2003
Have you tried the same operation with Firefox?

Can't say I've experienced this particular one, but I've had various similar types of glitches when using IE and PHPMyAdmin when it randomly starts to redirect and eventually gives up with the "page can not be displayed". Then I do the same in Firefox and it plays along quite happily. I guess FF must just ignore rapid redirects or something.