phpMyAdmin USERS tab gone


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Feb 25, 2010
Houston, TX
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The reason that cPanel disables the ability to create databases and users in phpMyAdmin is that it would allow users to circumvent the limits set by the hosting provider. cPanel would have no way to track how many databases and users are created and deleted, or how many exist at any time. That is why you must create all databases and database users in cPanel.


Jul 20, 2014
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It is very unprofessional of cPanel to remove this feature without making sure that what they are replacing it with at least has the same functionality. This abrupt, major change, has hidden many of the users that I've created that have table-level access to a database.

Setting up table-level access within a database is not an uncommonly used feature and I'm really shocked and disappointed that cPanel would have removed the ability to configure (or modify the existing) this. If you are going to remove functionality (aka the Users tab in root-level phpMyAdmin), you should have made sure that your cpanel-level (user-level) Database configuration wizard/GUI had the same functionality in it.

I will be submitted a feature request and a ticket for you to provide an "override" of this to set it back to the way it was -- or to add table-level privileges to you cpanel database wizard.

People utilize the WHM/cPanel software to provide a centralized administration of their server. I personally utilize the phpMyAdmin GUI more than any other single piece within WHM/cPanel. If your instruction is for me to install my own administration software.. I start to question why I am using WHM/cPanel in the first place.