Feb 17, 2009
I built a website in dreamweaver CS4
I uploaded all my files and folders through cpanel into my public.html folder
I made sure I used all the same folders as i did in dreamweaver
eg. in dreamweaver my pictures where in the file assests/images
so in cpanel I created a assets folder in the .public.html folder
then created a images folder inside my assets folder and uploaded all my pictures there.
if I look at my site online I have no pictures just the tag names I gave them appear.
what do I need to do?

this would be a html code <img src="Assets/Images/Logo-Lemon.jpg" width="362" height="454" alt="enter site" />

and this is how I stored the file on my cpanel file manager


Oct 21, 2008
Re: "pictures not being picked up"

Yes, most probably it is due to the capitcal 'A' and 'I' in the path you mentioned in 'src' attribute of 'img' tag in HTML code. Linux is case sensitive which is why 'images' is considered different than 'Images'. So one thing you need to make sure is that, the case of letters in HTML code involved in directories and image names match with the case of actual directories and image names.

Secondly, for getting even better and clear idea, check the Web server's error log if you have access to it. That will really help to identify the source of this problem. Thank you :c)