pipe email from exim to perl script, need help from exim & perl expert


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Apr 22, 2004
i'm trying to create my own blacklist using perl. my question is, how to configure exim so it will pass all email that coming to my mail server to my perl script? i already try this configuration:

begin routers

driver = accept
domains = +local_domains
transport = to_perl

begin transports
driver = pipe
command = /home/username/script.pl $message_id

it does call my perl script, as my perl script can print the email's message_id, but when i check to /var/spool/exim/input there is no email with that message_id, the email recepient doesn't receive the email, the email is just vanished..

please help me.. how to grab email (with full header and body) to my perl script and then my perl script will pass it to exim again?