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Apr 16, 2002
N.W. Iowa

I'm working on a small project which involves sending emails through a piped forwarding script.

Baiscially what happens, is we have a customer signup for a service, at myabc.com which stores various personal info, their real email addres and a forward address like with the username they've choosen, like [email protected] which is then stored in a database.

Now we don't what to have to create hundreds of forwarding email address with the [email protected] but would like to pipe any incoming emails to the various [email protected] then via a perl script it extracts the "To", .. incoming email address, [email protected], then check our database for the "fake" forward address, then pull their real email address, then pipe it to that address, the real address.

I've tried setting the default email address in the /etc/valiases/myabc.com file to: *: "|/path/to/cgi-bin/forward_script.pl" so all un-routieable email are piped to the script and processed as described above. But Exim doesn't seem to allow that as the [email protected] is not valid, so it doesn't get sent to the piped script. We get an error something like: local delivery failed ... piped to /path/to/cgi-bin/forward_script.pl.... [email protected] does not exist

any suggesstion or help, be much appreciated :)

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