pkgacct = high loads after recent updates


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Aug 24, 2005
Hi there

We've noticed lately that whether we run backups from shell or whether the users do it on their own through cpanel, the server load gets extremely high.

We're used to seeing a slight load increase during backups... sometimes the average load would climb from .5 or so to just above 2. But just in the past few days (incidentally just after we installed updates to fix horde), the load required for backup has skyrocketed. Case in point:

Load averages prior to pkgacct: 0.60, 0.65, 0.65
About 20 minutes in: load average: 13.44, 12.22, 7.80
.. and its still on the www logs section. :-(

This account is just over one gig. We had to package another account early this morning, under 300 MB, and it also took hours, at some points pushing the load above 20. Typically an account like that would have taken 5 minutes or so, and this gig account might have taken 15 minutes, tops. Obviously the high load is causing the pkgacct to take longer, which in turn is making the load higher, and that's just not pretty.

The software / hardware on affected machines is slightly different, but all of them typically have loads around .5-.8 , all of them skyrocket on pkgacct, and all of them are running cPanel 11.18.3-C21703 .

Any ideas?