Please check is it the DNS settings already configured well? new server with WHM


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Sep 9, 2010
Hi guys, i just got new server, the hosting company didnt set the welcome whm setting steps after setup the whm, so i set it by my self, i already contact my host about below problem, but they answer is not clearly maybe because they busy now, the website already opened to this new server, but please check is it the DNS settings below already configured well

Have 5 IPs, i use example : -

1. In WHM > "Basic cPanel/WHM Setup" page : The Main Shared Virtual Host IP are, not like usually the first number, is it ok? its already setted like that

2. I assign in WHM > "Nameserver IPs" page

is it ok? not the default shared ip

3. I set nameserver in the registrar godaddy like that too

is it ok?

4. In WHM > "Show IP Address Usage" page, the ip for and are, not

is it ok?

5. They set reverse dns too like this

is it ok?

6. In WHM > "Edit DNS Zone" page there is no zone, there is only zone, in my previous old server using other hosting company there already zone there automatically (maybe created by the host)

is it ok there is no zone?

please advice guys


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May 19, 2010
So in theory you want your WHM to have a different IP to the hosting accounts / name servers ?

If so then yes it looks fine, In the IP manager click the box for the IP which your using WHM on so no accounts can be setup using that IP.

Hope the above helps.