Please explain timing and retry policies for remote (e.g. Amazon S3) backup processing.


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Mar 25, 2002

It appears that there is no documentation in relation to the timing and retry policies for WHM's remote backups, e.g. to Amazon S3.

Here's what we "think" happens:

1. The trigger for the first attempt to copy the backup of an account to the specified remote destination is after successful completion of the local backup of that account.
2. A max of 3 attempts are made to copy the backup of an account to the remote destination.
3. So either on successful copying of a backup file, or after the 3rd failure to copy, the remote backup processing moves on to the next local backup file in the queue and starts the "3 attempts" process again.

Is the above correct? Anything we're missing? Suggestion: add this information to your documentation:




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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

This is mentioned under the "Timeout" section in the document you referenced:

Enter the maximum amount of time in seconds that you want the server to wait for a response from the remote server before it generates errors.

You must enter a number between 30 and 300.
If the server does not respond in this time frame, it will make two additional attempts to contact the server.
If the server does not respond after those attempts, the system administrator will receive an email that notes the failed attempts, and the system will attempt a transfer again the next time backups run.
Does that help to better explain the process?

Thank you.