Please explain to me and everyone how per account licensing makes any sense?


Dec 25, 2015
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Hi there cPanel

I have left about 3 months ago after being with you guys for around 8 years.
The reason? The stupid pricing model.

I only have around 180 clients, so the total price I paid wasnt the issue. However just knowing that I have to pay $0.20USD everytime I create an account is annoying.

For some clients, I create staging accounts, like staging01.clientdomain,com. Its nice being able to do this and assign specific resource via cloudlinux for testing purposes etc. But everytime I create a staging account I must pay $0.20 per month for nothing.

Why does it matter? Does microsoft charge more if you create more than 100 spreadhseets or 100 Word Documents?
You know it would be perfectly acceptable for them to do so if you use office365 online where you are using their resources and disc space. This would make sense.

However, in cPanels case, there is no extra load on your resources if I am running 1 or 10 000 clients on my dedicated server.
Why should you even know how many accounts/clients I have, none of your business.

If it comes down to more support requests because I have 10 000 clients as apposed to 1, just charge me for support requests etc

For me to come back implement a fair pricing structure.

Solo for thos people who only want to host 1 website or 2.
VPS pricing and Dedicated pricing end of story.

Please explain your rational for charging us for how many accounts we have.

Please dont reply with send us a private message. Explain to me/us why you are charging extra per account basis? I dont see why other than a money grab.



Dec 25, 2021
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"Solo for thos people who only want to host 1 website or 2."
Then you would be harming me and so many others, I have a solo account with more than 50 domains because my business model is centered on a single account.

I really understand your question and I agree, but one of the advantages of cPanel is that each account supports unlimited domains.


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Sep 25, 2012
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cPanel offers tremendous service for value. If you have basically any problem, they solve it, typically going above and beyond what they'd be responsible for.

This essentially means you have a sysadmin at your beck and call 24/7/365, especially if you license first-party, which is recommended.

Given what the panel does, the support and the recent add of WP-Toolkit Deluxe as standard (which is really just another sysadmin in your pocket, for Wordpress) amongst everything else, I'm happy to pay what they are charging. I personally believe, and I apologize if this offends anyone, that it keeps the race-to-zero hosting market in check.

I've been running hosting services via cPanel for over a decade and am glad they're keeping pricing current to pay their staff well and keep development forging ahead.