Please help - DNS clustering not working as it should


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Mar 14, 2003

I just don't understand the DNS clustering.
I have setup 3 webservers and using 2 DNS servers.

On each web server I have added ns1 och ns2 server in the cluster.
On each web server I have set it to syncronize changes.
On each DNS server I have set it to DNS only.

Just as the tutorials say - the best way.

When I add a new domain on webserver01 - it is added to all servers,
not just the DNS server. If I change IP for the domain on the DNS server, the IP is updated on the webservers (all of them) as well.

So I changed the roles - vice verca and tested again.
Doesn't matter -

changes on web server is added to DNS and all webservers has it.

Domains/Records added on webserver1 is showing on webserver2 and webserver3 as well.

What did I miss - not understand here.... ?

Regards Jero


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Aug 10, 2002
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Make sure all three of the web servers are set to "Synchronize Changes" as the DNS role for each web server.

On each DNS server make sure the role is set to "Standalone"

I would actually delete the hashes on the DNS server so that there isn't an option for a DNS role. Click the red X next to each web server on each DNS server.

Then on each web server you need to go to the Nameserver Selection link under Service Configuration and choose Disabled for on each webserver. This is because your DNS is being handled by the DNS servers and each web server does not need its own local DNS running.


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Mar 14, 2003
Hi Sparek,

thank you very much - now it's working as it should do!

Strange that nameservers are updating the webservers
even if it's set as standalone - and not only updating the source,
from where the record was updated, also to the other webservers.

Anyway - ON the webserver it's set as synchronize (ON webserver but FOR hostname "nameserver"). ON the nameserver I deleted the webservers from the cluster. On the webserver I disabled the DNS.


/ Jeroman


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Mar 14, 2003
Hm ... seems I was a little wrong here.
I can't let this go :)

I need to write what I tested - I think it's a little confusing.

Is a webserver supposed to see everything on nameserver, not only it's own records ?

web01, web02, web03 server and ns1 and ns2 server.
webservers synchronized with nameserver but on nameservers
all webservers deleted from cluster.

If I add a new record on web01 I can see it on web01, web02, web03 and ns1/ns2. I can also edit the record from any webserver so ns1/ns2 updates.

The DB.file in /var/named is only on the webserver where it was added from or edited from.

So I guess you can always read all the records on NS servers from any webserver. If you syncronize webservers with NS you can also edit the records from any webserver and NS. The .db files is only on NS servers and
on source webserver + editing server.
If I edit record on NS server it will be updated there and you will see the
updated record on all web servers, even source webserver.
But source webserver .db file is not updated.

I thought I can only see web01 DNS records on Web01 and NS server.
And then web02 records only on web02 and NS.

Guess I was wrong, guess it doesn't matter ...

Any info, thoughts about this ?