May 18, 2007
Hi, Can anyone assist, a Friend asked if I could help him with re-setting up his website, I have logged into the cpanel and up loaded the index.htm (Holding page) to the public_html folder, but the site has not yet appeared online, from some documentation I have read, this can take upto 96 Hrs, Please can someone confirm that what I have done so far is correct ?, all help will be very much appericated, if there is any further information you require to assist then please post and I will supply as necessary. Thanks Britts :confused:


Dec 22, 2006
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Root Administrator
by site not appeared online, do you mean you get a Page not Found or is it requested URL not found.
If its the first error, your domain name hasnt resolved and you might need to just wait longer.
If its the second make sure index.htm is a default index page on the server.
try changing it to index.html.


Jun 24, 2005
Go to and run a check on your friend's domain

Two big things you want to check:

1. That the DNS servers shown are your DNS servers

2. That the IP shown for the domain is the IP you assigned to the hosting account

If both of the above is correct then you probably just need to clear your
web browser cache to see the changes you made to the web site.

If the above doesn't match the correct information then you probably need to
wait for the domain to finish transferring before you can view the site.

If you are using mod_userdir on your server, you can view your friend's site by
their login username with the following:


servername = your server's main hostname (server IP works too)

username = login name for the account you want to view