Please help me! MySQL database restoration nightmares!


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Oct 2, 2003
Hello guys!

I am having big problems to resrtore a large database (about 30 Mb) from a Windows platform to my Linux box running Cpanel.

I don't know how they can have mySQL running on windows at all, but it's working nicely with a Yabb SE forum.

They also have another database, for phpNUke, which I have restored nicely usigng phpmyadmin, so I can definitely affirm that it is either a true mySQL running on Windows (how?) or at least a compatible database.

Now I need to restore this database on my Cpanel box and I'm having big problems.

I have increased the exectution time for phpmyadmin so that it would work nicely to import large databases, but Internet Explorer crashes every time I try.

Is there a safe way to compress this database into a .gz file (perhaps uploading the raw .sql dump somewhere) so that it can be imported as a .gz file through Cpanel restore feature?

Or, can anyone suggest other ways?

This nightmare has already eaten up too much of my time!