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Jun 23, 2004
Please, I need help with getting mod_layout to work. Basically, I'm trying to get a html page for header and footer to work for ads on sites, running Suse 10, Apache 1.3.34, and cPanel version 10.8.2-RELEASE 83, currently only the header html file contains ad code, it's the google javascript ad code. I've tried putting in

LayoutDefaultHandlers Off
LayoutHandler text/html

but in the error_log for apache I still get an 500 error for the header and footer saying "premature end of script" like it's expecting it to still be a cgi/php script...running the latest version of the mod_layout module ( 3.2.1) which compiled and installed without errors, can anyone please help? What am I doing wrong? What do I need to do to get this to work? Thanks!