Please help this is annoying, email about wrong host name


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Sep 10, 2003
Hello, I recently had transferred my websites from my server located at Ev1servers over to another NOC, and I have set the DNS to the IP address to my new server, yet everyday I receive an automated email that states that my IP has changed and that it needs to point to my old IP, yet I am no longer using that IP anymore. Here is the email (btw I changed the name of my site to "mysite" on here:

IMPORTANT: Do not ignore this email.
The hostname ( resolves to It should resolve to Please be sure to correct /etc/hosts as well as the 'A' entry in zone file for the domain.

Some are all of these problems can be caused by
/etc/resolv.conf being setup incorrectly. Please check this file if you
believe everything else is correct.

You may be able to
automaticly correct this problem by using the ' Add an A entry for your
hostname ' under ' Dns Functions ' in your Web Host Manager

Why am I receiving this email?