Please help - WHM/Cpanel running very slow


Nov 18, 2007
Hi there,

I sometimes can't log into WHM as it runs so slow the page times out before it loads.

If it does load and I want to list accounts for example this takes over 3 minutes minimum. It is impossible to work like this.

This has only become a problem in the last week and it worked fine before.

Everything else Internet runs fine. Even the sites I have listed on WHM.

I have tried

Accessing from a different PC on my home network
Using Firefox and IE to access
Contacting my host company Rochen who say they can access it fine.

Im pretty stuck as what to do.

Can anyone offer any suggestions? I would have thought if the problem was my end my whole net would be running slow?


Todd Mitchell

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Nov 13, 2006
Houston, TX
When it's loading slow, I recommend logging into the server via ssh and checking the load to make sure the servers isn't overloaded. You may also want to contact your local ISP to be sure they aren't experiencing any type bandwidth issues during the time at which the slowness occurs.