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Oct 10, 2006
I'm trying to add a DNS entry for my server so it can work with my domain name.
My domain name is not resident on my server, I registered a domain name with a registrant company, I have used their tool so mydomain name points to my IP and it worked with windows 2003 server before I instaled the WHM , I had an independent DNS server, but now either I don't know how to set up the DNS with the WHM dns feature or I need to configure something else in the WEB HOST MANAGER?

When I try the " Add an A Entry for your Hostname " under the DNS function tab it says

Found your hostname to be: CretuDaniel.webhosting5stars.com
Found your short hostname to be: CretuDaniel
Found your domain name to be: webhosting5stars.com
Found your main ip to be:
If this looks correct, Add the entry

And then I get an error
The error says: The zone for the root domain webhosting5stars.com is missing, or could not be read.

So in this case what do I do.
I want my domain name which I registered with the registrant company to work with my server.
I would apreciate it if any one can help


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Oct 4, 2006

If you want to create the DNS entry for the domain, you can create it from WHM >> DNS Functions >> Add a dns zone

Type the Server Ip and the domain Name

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