Please let me know if this is possible


Dec 31, 2004

I believe my current web host, hostgator, has certain restrictions that will not allow me to do what I am seeking to do. However, please let me know if there are other hosts that give more control over the cpanel architecture for resellers...

I want to create a skin/theme of my own that will automatically be provisioned to each user account that I create. The skin will basically be a wrapper of cpanel's core features (give or take) with a combination of a few features that I would like to add myself). I would be coding these additional modules in php.

The final outcome, hopefully, would be a skeleton cpanel that would be provisioned to each user account that is wrapped by my custom design and additional modules that could be integrated with CPanel and launched from the CPanel menu(s).

Please let me know what I need to do to accomplish this (if its even possible). If not, then I suppose I'm back to the design phase again!