Please Revert Email Filtering Changes to Older Version


Oct 24, 2013
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This is a request that some changes to email filters be reverted to a couple of versions ago, because the newer ones require more effort and clicks to use.

- In the earlier version, a filter displayed the string we entered, which was also the name. Now, we have to enter something in the "Rule xx" field--we can't even leave it blank. Why? At least make it optional--have it show the filter string we enter in the Actions field unless something appears in the Rule field.

- We used to just be able to enter a regex to dispose of the email, and there were samples on the page--e.g., to discard the message or return to the sender (|/home/user/ We could just copy and paste it into the disposition field. Now we have to pick from a dropdown list, and if we want to return to sender (Pipe to a program), the string isn't available on the page, so we have to go back to the list of filters, find one that has the same regex, copy it, return to the current page, and paste it in. Please include any sample strings, such as the one above, on the page where we have to enter them.

- Is there any reason we have to go to another page when we click Create a New Filter and then go back when it's done? Why not just have a dialog box or a popup open, create the filter there, and have it disappear when it's done? (This was not in an earlier version but would be a desirable change.)



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May 20, 2003
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Your Feature Request you posted on this topic on the Feature Requests site, is in moderation. There should be an update posted to it there at some point soon and you'll be able to track what happens next via the Feature Requests site. Or be notified otherwise.