Jan 30, 2012
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I'm a first time WHM/cPanel user and I was hoping someone could please verify the usage of the 2 IP's that came with my VPS account.

I'm trying to setup a host to manage 1 website.

I have 2 domains registered through a registrar, lets say they are

in WHM I setup
hostname: server.myhostnamedomain.com pointing to x.x.x.8
nameserver 1: ns1.myhostnamedomain.com pointing to x.x.x.8
nameserver 2: ns2.myhostnamedomain.com pointing to x.x.x.9

an account in WHM for mycompanydomain.com pointing to x.x.x.8
no account created for myhostnamedomain.com

ns1.myhostnamedomain.com and ns2.myhostnamedomain.com are registered with the registrar

myhostnamedomain.com and mycompanydomain.com are both setup to use the above nameservers with the registrar

so is this a correct configuration? server.myhostnamedomain.com, ns1.myhostnamedomain.com, and mycompanydomain.com all using the same IP? do or should i get more IPs?

sorry for the noob questions, just trying to learn.


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Oct 2, 2010
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Based on what you've stated, you have everything setup properly, although you might want to ensure to create a DNS zone (if you aren't going to create a site) for myhostnamedomain.com in WHM > Add a DNS Zone area. I would then suggest moving the ns1, ns2 and server.myhostnamedomain.com zone file entries into the myhostnamedomain.com zone file instead.