Jul 15, 2003

Please, I am trying to migrate Plesk 18 to cPanel, however this is failing.

I use, user "admin" and "su" to access server... this lists the accounts normally, etc ...


Starting “TRANSFER” for “Account” “serv4all”.
Copy Destination: /home
Remote server type: “plesk”.
Initiating process to package the account over SSH (Secure Shell) connection …
Packaging the account with the command: /scripts/ serv4all ~admin --split --compressed --mysql 10.2 --allow-multiple …
Unknown option: compressed
Unknown option: mysql
Fetching psa userid using v5 method
v5 PSA UID: 790
PSA UID: 790
pXa DNS is
logfile is: /home/admin/cpmove-serv4all-1581083845.log
Copying password...Done
pXa Copying mailman lists and archives...Done
pXa Copying DNS zones...
pXa Copying SSL certificates and keys...Done
pXa Grabbing mysql dbs...The database list contains: serv4all_siteon,serv4all_WhMs,serv4all_wh5m,serv4all_blog
pXa Copying PostgreSQL databases...
pXa Grabbing PostgreSQL privileges...Done
pXa Copying Horde databases......Done
pXa Copying statistics...Done
pXa Copying alias domains...
pXa Copying home directory...Done
pXa Collecting autoresponders...Done
pXa Copying ProFTPd data...Done
pXa Copying subdomains...
pXa Copying parked domains...
pXa Copying addon domains...
Refusing to archive recursive docroot for Cpanel::Account::Subdomain=HASH(0x2c02360) at /tmp/J4Z34DiqPe/scripts/ line 4060.

Target “/home” on host “” has 123.71 GB free and requires at least 0 bytes free, which includes space for temporary files.
WARNING: The remote server failed to send the location of the transfer archive.
WARNING: Attempting to guess the location of the remote transfer archive.

Fetching md5sum of “/home/admin/cpmove-serv4all.tar.gz” from the remote server … …

Removing copied archive on remote server. …

Failed: The remote execution of “” failed, or the requested account, “serv4all”, was not found on the server: “”.

Thank You!!
Luiz Carlos


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Oct 19, 2014
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Hey there! The most important part of this error is the following line near the end:

Refusing to archive recursive docroot for Cpanel::Account::Subdomain=HASH(0x2c02360) at /tmp/J4Z34DiqPe/scripts/ line 4060.

This indicates the domain you are trying to migrate has an additional domain that is using the same document root as the main domain. As cPanel doesn't have an equivalent to that configuration the Transfer Tool stops before any data packaging happens.

Can you check the domains on the account and see if that is indeed the problem you are experiencing here? If so, there are two ways to resolve this problem:

1 - Remove the addon domains from the Plesk server so there is only one domain with the same document root
2 - Manually transfer the account to the cPanel machine using the following steps:

On the Plesk server, download and run the pkgacct tool, ignoring the data inside the document root:

cd /scripts/
chmod +x pkgacct-pXa
/scripts/pkgacct-pXa --skipdocroot serv4all

Once that is complete you can transfer that backup file to the cPanel server and restore the account.  Then, after the initial account is restore, you would need to manually rsync the data from the serv4all Plesk user (which is likely in /var/www/vhosts/ over to /home/serv4all/ on the cPanel side of things.

If you have any questions it would be best to open a ticket with our migrations team to get specific details on how to perform this work.
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