Plesk transfer fails with username longer than 16 characters


Jan 11, 2013
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Writing here because LicensePal support couldn't give me an answer.

There's a lot of accounts in several Plesk servers we are moving to WHM. Moving some of them has worked just dandy (even though it says there are some unsupported options like compressed/mysql databases get moved correctly), however some others fail as soon as Transfer Tool starts executing.
All the accounts that failed to transfer have an original Plesk username of over 16 characters. For example, when trying to move Transfer Tool executes the command "/scripts/ logisticaflorett", but the username is logisticaflorette (with an additional e) so pkgacct fails to package the account and WHM cannot locate the backup file "/home/cpmove-logisticaflorett.tar.gz". Transfer log shows an error saying "ERROR: No UID for unprivilged user was specificed at /tmp/79elzR4YT0/lib/Cpanel/Pkgacct/ line 99." (not shown when username is less or equal to 16 chars)

However, if I execute "/scripts/ logisticaflorette" manually the script succeeds. Next, when running Transfer Tool again the error appears again BUT because the backup archive "/home/cpmove-logisticaflorett.tar.gz" was generated correctly WHM can retrieve it and restore the account.
We could do this if the number of accounts were just a few, but there are hundreds.

Even if WHM has this 16 characters limit for usernames, shouldn't it use the correct username when running pkgacct in the remote server? Even if the WHM account name will be different.


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Jun 9, 2020
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cPanel does offer migration assistance coming from a 3rd party panel so I suggest you to Submit a Ticket and they will be happy to have a closer look for you :)


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Oct 19, 2014
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Hey there! We do offer migration assistance from Plesk, but in this case it would be best to change the username of the account on the Plesk side first before attempting the transfer.

If you check the Plesk system, you'll see a file named /etc/userdomains, which is a list of the usernames and domain names that cPanel has created from the Plesk machine. If any of those are longer than 16 characters, that will cause an issue.

There are some other posts that mention this as well, such as this: Hello i have always used plesk in the past but i face a problem with cpanel