Pls help with account type and system type domain zone config


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Sep 14, 2009

I have a need to create a domain on the WHM server that currently is defined as a system zone (not sure if that is exactly right terminology) - ie a zone that is not associated with an account.

This zone is the domain name of the WHM server's host as well as another host which currently handles the mail, various web and database functions for the domain - and for the moment I need this to remain the case.

Currently the zone as it is configured on the WHM server - "Jupiter" for the domain "" has MX and A records configured to point to the non-WHM server (Helios) and the necessary A record for Jupiter itself.

Not sure if this is likely to be problematic in itself but since and are bound to two IPs on Jupiter and it is necessary to direct www traffic to helios for as well as mail I am wondering hoe to configure the WHM server Jupiter in such a way as to best manage this situation.

For example I will need to migrate (eventually) an ftp only account that is a subdomain of sourcepoint (currently on Helios) - call it

The best way to manage will be by cpanel/whm and therefore I think there may be a way to create the "sourcepoint account" and still retain the important pointers to the other server for mail, the databases and apache that still reside there indefinitely.

Please help me clarify this if it doesn't seem clear. (legacy server - retains sourcepoint internet services, postfix for including roundcube and postfix admin, phpMyAdmin and other resources for other sites and domains on helios. (the new WHM/CPanel server) which I want to be able to manage subdomains of on but which does not yet have a "" account - only a system domain zone setup to point back to helios>?

Here is the current zone file;:

[email protected] [/home/juliesf/www]# cat /var/named/
; cPanel first:11.24.5-CURRENT_38506 latest:11.24.5-NIGHTLY_38436 Cpanel::ZoneFile::VERSION:1.2 mtime:1253433652
; Zone file for
$TTL 14400    86400    IN    SOA    (
                        2009091803 ;Serial Number
                        86400 ;refresh
                        7200 ;retry
                        604800 ;expire
                        86400 ;minimum
    )    86400    IN    NS    86400    IN    NS
ns1    14400    IN    A
ns2    14400    IN    A    14400    IN    A
localhost    14400    IN    A    14400    IN    MX    0
mail    14400    IN    CNAME
www    14400    IN    CNAME
ftp    14400    IN    CNAME    14400    IN    TXT    �v=spf1 a mx -all�
jupiter    14400    IN    A
ns1    14400    IN    A
ns2    14400    IN    A
helios    14400    IN    A
I suppose that this can be merged into a WHM account as long as the mx records and necessary A records for the Helios critical functions are added.

I would appreciate some guidance on how to effect this without causing unnecessary dns havoc or whm problems.



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Aug 18, 2009
Houston, Tx

In looking into your issue, we may nee to take a closer look at this issue. Please submit a ticket via the link at the bottom of this post. If you have any other questions please let me know.

Thank you,
Matthew Curry