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Dec 17, 2020
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Hello everyone! I own a mortgage company and I made its website on Bluehost, now it is going to expire, but I want to shift my domain to Cpanel. Can you guys tell me how I can execute this process? Thanks a lot.
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Oct 19, 2014
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Hey there! It would really depend on how the site was built. If it was just HTML or PHP, you could just upload the files to the new domain on the cPanel server. If there are databases involved, you'd want to make sure they work with the version of MySQL or MariaDB that is being used on the cPanel system. You'd also need to take database backups manually if your current host isn't using cPanel.

If your site was made using Bluehost tools, you may not be able to easily move that over at all.

If you have more details on the current situation I might be able to get you better information.