point to cpanel from another dns managment


Jan 23, 2021
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Hi. my domain dns still manage in the old place. i have an a record point to the cpanel server. i guess i had to change the mx record too? is it true? if so. what exactly should i put in the mx name? and value?

I would be very grateful if it is possible to be precise, it will also benefit everyone and it also takes time to see the changes, so it is advisable not to make a mistake :)

Are there any other things worth defining at this point in the email? If so how?
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Oct 19, 2014
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Hey hey! It would depend on how your MX record is configured. Many MX records simply reference the main domain and look like this:

domain.com IN MX 0 domain.com.
If that is the case, you wouldn't need to adjust that in order to get the mail pointed to your cPanel server.

If the MX record is routed somewhere differently and you wanted to change it, making it look like the above record is the best way to ensure it points to the same machine as the website.