Pointer domains and email


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Aug 10, 2002
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We have a client that has several parked domains that point to his main domain. If for example his domain is domain.com and his pointers are pointer1.com, pointer2.com and pointer3.com. If mail is sent to [email protected], in order to retrieve that message, he must log in with the username [email protected] . The same for his pointer domains, if a message is sent to [email protected] he must use [email protected] to access the message, [email protected] will not retrieve the message. Is this normal?

Secondly, only the Neomail webmail program works correctly. And you must log in like above in order to check it correctly. With Horde, if you log in, it shows no messages.

Has anyone experienced these problems? Anyone have any recommendations? I would appreciate any help in this matter.